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Stellagama Publishing is an international role-playing game publisher focused on science fiction and sword & sorcery gaming, founded in January 2016. We publish gaming material for the Cepheus Engine, 2D6 Sci-Fi OGL, Stars Without Number, and White Star RPGs. Our goals are primarily to publish enjoyable and immediately playable supplements, settings, rulesets, and adventures for our fellow players and referees. Our flagship setting is These Stars Are Ours! a high-action space-opera universe in which Terra only recently gained its freedom from the mighty Reticulan Empire. Our flagship ruleset is Cepheus Light, an old-school 2D6 sci-fi role-playing game. We also published a sword & sorcery 2D6 ruleset, The Sword of Cepheus, in 2020.



Omer Golan-Joel is a 38 years old freelance English-Hebrew-English translator and an avid sci-fi and fantasy gamer. He lives in the town of Yavne, Israel with his wife Einat and two cats Saki and Chicha – the real masters of the house – as well as an entourage of house geckos. Omer is a fan of science-fiction, fantasy, and history, an amateur cook, and a hobbyist herpetologist. He also writes sci-fi and fantasy role-playing gaming material, including These Stars Are Ours! a full-scale campaign setting for the Cepheus Engine and other OGL 2D6 sci-fi games, which he published by Stellagama Publishing® in 2017, Cepheus Light, a full-scale sci-fi ruleset, published in 2018, and The Sword of Cepheus, a sword & sorcery ruleset, published in 2020.


Richard Hazlewood has been playing RPGs since 1976.  He served eight years in the US Navy, operating nuclear reactors on submarines.  He enjoyed that so much he got out of the Navy and went into aviation.  Richard has a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and works for a major US airline.  He has two grown children and three grandchildren. Richard lives with his wife and three dogs in the Southern USA.


Josh Peters is a high school math and history teacher, an accomplished drummer, and avid tabletop RPG gamer. Josh has a Master's Degree in History, and resides in Montreal, Canada, with his beautiful, patient wife and two deviously adorable children.


Robert L. S. Weaver is a college librarian, who has played science fiction and fantasy RPG’s since the early 1980’s. He has published a few science fiction stories, although none are currently in print. This is his first adventure for The Cepheus Engine system. He wrote the index for the These Stars are Ours! and the Space Patrol setting books. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two sons, and regularly referees their adventures.



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